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Siberian Larch
For centuries,
mankind has witnessed the unique performance of structures built out of Siberian Larch. Their experiences led them to refer to Siberian Larch as “The Tree of Eternity”. Some homes and churches in Russia have been estimated to be in existence for over 800 years. Perhaps the most famous example of its longevity is its use in the construction of the ancient city of Venice.

Siberian Larch is the last sustainable, old growth timber in the world that is capable of providing the U.S. market with a premium product. Due to proximity, Europeans have been able to take advantage of this material since the dissolve of the former Soviet Union. Architects in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, and Japan are specifying the use of larch in the construction of residential homes and commercial spaces such as schools, museums, stadiums, and bridges.

Finding a reliable supplier with the necessary expertise to process Siberian Larch has been the challenge for those wanting to introduce the specie to North America. Stein Wood Products has eliminated this concern through the formation of a partnership with Leitinger Holzindustries. Leitinger was established in 1928 and has become one of the world’s leading timber processing companies. Stein Wood Products is Leitinger’s exclusive distributor in North America.

We are proud to be able to offer our customers Siberian Larch decking, siding, and flooring. For a more in depth look at the properties that allow for such excellence please click on the “Why Siberian Larch” link.
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