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Siberian Larch flooring
Siberian Larch Flooring

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Why Siberian Larch

Why It Would Be A Wonderful Feature In Any Home!

Hard Material
  • On the Janka Scale of Hardness, Siberian Larch is 1,100 lbs / sq in. Pine hardness ranges from 670 – 840 lbs / sq in. On average Siberian Larch is 45% harder than pine.
  • For the customer, this means their floor will experience less indentation, and maintain its wonderful appearance for many years.
Dense Wood
  • Siberian Larch’s impressive density can be attributed to the place in which it grows. Siberian Larch grows in an environment that is known for its long, harsh winters and therefore the growing seasons are short. As a result of the short growing seasons, it is composed on average of 40% latewood which is considered to be significant. Latewood is denser and mechanically stronger than the opposing earlywood. Therefore, these higher levels of latewood create a floor with impressive wear resistant characteristics.
  • Over time, earlywood wears out leaving the harder latewood as the actual walking surface. Look at any antique floor and this is what you will find. Having a floor with high concentrations of latewood will provide a homeowner with a smoother, more even surface in the future.
  • For the customer, denser material with large latewood contents provides them with a more stable and wear resistant floor.
All Heartwood
  • It is rare these days to find lumber that consists of all heartwood material. Siberian Larch is old growth wood, and in its natural condition has a heartwood content of 90%. Most timbers these days are grown at a quick rate on tree plantations. In harvesting young trees, you sacrifice a lot of heartwood and are subjected to more sapwood. There are two distinct advantages in having all heart material.
    • Heartwood is more durable and stable than sapwood.
    • All heart allows for a consistent color. This means you do not have to stain your floors to achieve uniformity.
  • Only Antique Heart Pine can compete in heartwood content with Siberian Larch. Siberian Larch offers the unique appearance of an Antique Heart Pine floor, but provides several additional incentives. They are as follows:
    • It is priced much more attractively! Big savings for the customer!
    • It is available! Siberian Larch is in stock, and AHP must be produced to individual orders which can take long periods of time.
    • There is an unlimited supply of Siberian Larch! AHP is in scarce supply.
    • Manufacturing standards of Siberian Larch are much higher and more consistent. AHP standards vary depending on who produces it and the quality of the material on hand.
    • End-matching is a standard in our products, and it is generally not available in AHP.
    • Our Siberian Larch flooring boards are pre-sanded, micro-beveled, and ready for the finish of your choice. AHP flooring requires sanding after installation.
    • Siberian Larch comes in uniform lengths and widths, while AHP is typically offered in random lengths and widths.
    • Our Siberian Larch planks (both unfinished and prefinished) are packaged in plastic and cardboard. This offers protection and makes handling easy. AHP is never packaged and handling is cumbersome.
  • For the customer, all heart floors add durability and create aesthetic benefits. By using Siberian Larch, homeowners can replicate the appeal of Antique Heart Pine while saving money and increasing reliability.
Premium Sizes
  • The width is 5.4 inches and the length is 6.5 feet for every board!
  • There are 17.45 square feet per bundle, and 855.05 square feet per pallet.
  • Larger widths allow you to see a more complete picture of the grain. Longer floor boards also allow you to see the flow of the grain without interruptions.
  • Generous sizes allow for easier, quicker, and less costly installation.
  • The Siberian Larch product supports historical traditions of using longer and wider floor boards. This helps to create an authentic and enduring look.
  • The dimensions of our floor boards are exceptionally well suited for timber frame and log home construction.
  • The use of long and wide planks helps to minimize the impact of the floor’s weight on the subfloor.
  • For the customer, premium sizes provide a traditional look, reduce the cost of installation, add structural strength, and offer visual benefits.
Highest Quality Manufacturing Standards
  • Leitinger is one of the leading timber processing companies in Europe with long traditions, constant innovations, and the very latest in production techniques to guarantee top quality products.
  • Leitinger provides a consistent grading standard which means the customer will receive exactly what is expected.
  • The design of the tongue and groove cheeks allows for maximum matching precision.
  • The surfaces of the planks are pre-sanded and the edges are micro-beveled on all four sides to prevent projections. This awards the customer with considerable installation cost savings.
  • For the customer, a high quality production standard simply means a better floor and fewer headaches!
Siberian Larch Offers the Complete Package
  • The lengths and end-matching of the boards allow for Siberian Larch to be used as paneling and ceiling.
  • For the customer, this enables them to maintain a consistent design throughout the house.
Variety of Finishing Treatments Available by Special Order
  • Wire Brush Surface – antiqued texture surface obtained by brushing out soft earlywood leaving ridges of more durable latewood as a walking surface. This is the ageless look of century old floors.
  • Through special order, the flooring can be offered stained and/or oiled.
  • There are several benefits to protecting your floors with oils as opposed to polyurethanes.
    • Oils offer a more natural look.
    • Your floor will have an anti-static surface.
    • Oils do not show scratches on the finish.
    • The floor can be spot repaired without refinishing the entire surface.
    • Process of applying oil is simpler and quicker.
    • It is less expensive.
    • Does not emit any harmful chemicals when applied.
    • It is easy to maintain and lasts a long time.
  • In Europe, 70% of hardwood floors are currently being treated with oils. Due to modern improvements and the above reasons, oils are once again becoming the treatment of choice in the United States.
  • For the customer, these options mean they will be able to find the floor that is right for them.
Easy Installation
  • Our floors can be nailed, screwed, or glued. However, with our exclusive clip system they can be installed floating over any dry and level surface including concrete. This eliminates the need for plywood and its installation.
  • Benefits of our clip system are as follow:
    • Allows the wood to move without creating unsightly gaps between planks.
    • You can cover big areas without the need for expansion joints.
    • You can easily repair damaged planks.
    • It is perfect for installing over radiant heat.
  • For the customer, the benefit is once again cost savings!
Environmentally Responsible
  • Siberian Larch is one of the few old growth woods that are being harvested from a sustainable forest. The natural growth rate of Siberian Larch is five times more than the rate at which it is being harvested.
  • Since September 2002, Leitinger has been certified according to the criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
  • The first operation in the European part of Russia to be certified according to FSC criteria was Leitinger’s plant in Madok.
  • For the customer, this means they can have the peace of mind in knowing they are good stewards of the land.

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